Dining By The Alphabet History

Here you will find out our list of Dining by the Alphabet Restaurants

A: Abuelo's
B: Cafe Bel Ami
C: Los Cocos
D: Da Cajun Shak and The Donut Whole
E: Egg Crate Cafe
F: Fat Tony's Grill and Sports Bar
G: Gobi Grill
H: Harry's Uptown Bar & Grill
I: Il Ponte Cafe
J: John Browns
K: Kanai Sushi
L: Luca Italian Kitchen
M: Marchello's Restaurant
N: Nu Way Cafe
O: Oh Yeah China Bistro
P: Passage to India
Q: Quincy's Bar and Grill
R: Riverside Cafe
S: Sal's Japanese Steakhouse
T: Ty's Diner and T J's Burger House
U: Usuloteca
V: Il Vicino


Anonymous said...

Do Tanyas soup kitchen!!!!

EB said...

Check out the Odds and Ends link. There is a write up on Tanya's!

kimberly jones said...

Bob and Luigi's in Bel Aire (Woodlawn and 45th)


Stearman Bar and Grill

Anonymous said...

Is this blog dead?

Anonymous said...

How come Doo-Dah Diner isn't showing up under the D's ? I was going to suggest you review them, but I scrolled down and down and found that you had. Thank you. Love your reviews!

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