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Gorditas Durango Review

- Friday, February 5, 2016 No Comments
Gorditas Durango
Trying out a new restaurant once a week for 16 weeks brings me to my fifth excursion. This adventure took me to 527 W 13th St N right across from North High School and down the street from one of the oldest locally owned used appliance stores in Jot Em Down.

I'm referring to Gorditas Durango.

They are a Mexican & American Grill. Their main specialty is authentic Mexican flair from tacos, menudo, burritos, tostadas and of course their namesake, Gorditas.

With Jacks North Hi-Carryout closed next door, they also carry some American foods like burgers, nuggets, fries, pancakes and even a breakfast platter which includes eggs and bacon.

Now I'm not the smartest guy in the world but I'd venture to say that most people who visit Gorditas Durango on their first time will likely order something from the Mexican side of the menu.

The back wall of their tiny restaurant which holds 7 four tops displays the menu which houses many common items you'll find at any Mexican restaurant:

For my visit, I had to go with their namesake: Gorditas which is a Mexican cuisine made with masa stuffed with cheese, meat or other fillings.

I decided to go with three Gorditas: a Gorditas Durango (a fried version of the Gordita) and two flour Gorditas all filled with either barbacoa, asada or pastor. The Gorditas were $2.49 for the fried versions or $2.25 if you wanted a corn or flour Gordita. My co-worker went with one steak and one pastor Gordita.

There was a long line just to order food, most of which was from the North High School students. Every table was taken when I arrived but one opened up as I ordered.......lucky me. I could have used that luck on Powerball a couple weeks ago.

For as busy as the place was, the food came out very quick. It also came out with a good size bowl of hot sauce.

I tried the flour Gorditas first and they were excellent. The masa which held everything together was grilled just right and held everything together; at no point did it fall apart. Each of the meat options inside were flavored well, not overly greasy and  the chiles and limes gave it a nice blend of flavors mixed in with the hot salsa.

The Gorditas Durango which was the fried version was a bit greasier than the flour versions and had a much nicer crunch to it if you're into that. Just eating it required about six or seven napkins to finish it with dry hands.

My coworker thought the steak was a little dry but adding in the salsa made it better and the pork was a bit greasy to him but added in that good fatty flavor some people really like.

At about four inches in circumference, my coworker said that two was enough to fill him up surprisingly. Three was enough to put me to sleep.

Altogether a very worthwhile experience. Both of us give Gorditas Durango a thumbs up for some great authentic Mexican Gorditas at a great cost.

Check it out if you're in that area of town. They are open Monday - Sunday from 6 am - 3 pm.

Happy Dining!


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Legends Restaurant Sunday Brunch Review

- Thursday, February 4, 2016 No Comments
Legends Restaurant
Located in the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Wichita Airport is one of the best Saturday evening buffets filled with superb crab legs and juicy prime rib. It is Legends Restaurant.

Legends is a favorite of my cousins and my dad. Being a huge fan of crab legs, I've gone many times and have always been very pleased with the quality of food and level of service.

I heard that they also offered a Sunday Champagne Brunch from 10:30 am - 2 pm for $18.95. It made a lot of sense for me to give it a try based on the fact that I've been more than happy with their Saturday offerings.

So on Sunday, my friends and I made our way to 2098 S Airport Rd right by the airport to give Legend's Sunday Brunch a try.

When we arrived, the place was busy. Seems like we weren't the only ones who had this bright idea of attending brunch at Legends.

Unbeknownst to us, the buffet includes two free Mimosas if you are of age. Fortunately for us, we no longer need Fake ID's and have all been legally able to drink for some time. Hooray old age!

The five of us all then proceeded to check out the Sunday Brunch and here's a sampling of what is offered.

Yes that last picture is chicken strips, nuggets and macaroni and cheese for the kids. One of my best friends is a huge fan of these options so that probably scored brownie points for him.

Secondly, I apologize to anybody reading this who may have been waiting in line behind me. Yes I'm the weird guy who was slowly taking pictures of everything on the table and slowing everybody down.

So how was the food?

Like most Sunday Brunches, it was really hit or miss on many options. The waffles, eggs with the house hot sauce, and eggs Benedict were the favorites while many of the other options were average to less than stellar. The prime rib was pretty dry as were many of the desserts that were sampled at the table.

In being completely honest with everybody there weren't many comments shared around the table. It was one of those brunches where everybody just went through the motions, ate their food, and called it a day. Not one person was overly impressed with the Sunday Brunch and I felt bad because my expectations were very high based on their Saturday Seafood Buffet.

At $18.95, the price was comparable to other options around town but the food may not have been.

If you go to Legends for any sort of buffet, my advice would be to stick to the Saturday Seafood Buffet.

Happy Dining


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First Look at Blarney Stone Pub Sports Bar and Restaurant

- Monday, February 1, 2016 No Comments

After a long wait in what felt like Prohibition for some, Blarney Stone is finally open.

Fans of Tanner's, Larry Bud's and the very short lived Cedar can now head to 2120 N Woodlawn and no longer find an empty building. Blarney Stone officially opened their doors on February 1st, 2016.

Open 7 days a week from 11 am - 2 am, my friends and I were there on opening day to check it out and get a first hand look at the newest sports bar in Wichita.

For those familiar with the previous establishments before Blarney Stone will walk in and find themselves a fresh new interior. Everything was gutted and redone from the inside out.

With brand new tables, a redone floor, new lighting and 21 bars lined up along the four walls of Blarney Stone, it has a new ambiance from what most had become acquainted to with some features that may look familiar. Roughly 27 tables are spread out along the front room along with a couch and fireplace setting in the corner of the bar. There's also the familiar bar setting at the back of the room. As one friend aptly put it, "It was like someone put a dress and lipstick on Larry Bud's."

The menu is completely different with an Irish theme. My friends and I ordered quite a few things off of the menu:

Quite a few things stood out for us so we just ordered what sounded good at the time. For starters, we started with the fried pickles and the Irish Nachos. Both items took really no time at all to arrive to our table.

Fried pickles are fried pickles. There's really not much else to say on those. The real winner were the Irish Nachos. It's the first time most of us had ever had Nachos with corned beef on top. Nachos with ground beef can get pretty greasy. The Nachos with the corned beef was just amazing to us. I felt bad because I found myself picking away at the corned beef. We quickly finished the bowl of nachos in minutes. Those are certainly a must try on your first visit.

For dinner items, we ordered an array of different items to split and see what each other thought. The first two items came out in pretty good time.

For $7.99, the Shepherd's Pie is a great value. The picture doesn't do it justice on just how big the meal is. Between the four of us, we just tore it apart. A couple of my friends took care of the cheese topping for me as it's not my thing but underneath that was some delicious goodness. The ground beef, peas, carrots, brown gravy and mashed potatoes was like a home cooked meal. Between that and the Irish Nachos we were completely satisfied.

The Irish Stew was a bit underwhelming. The steak pieces and veggies insides had some good flavor but the broth was a little too salty for our taste.

Our last item we ordered was a Meat Lovers pizza. This one took a long time to get out to us. According to our server, they dropped the pizza so we waited a little longer than usual for the pizza. When it did arrive, the crust was a little overdone but the meat and toppings on top were excellent. By comparison, it was one of the better pizzas we've had from an establishment that doesn't specialize in pizzas like your typical pizza spots. Very good but at a $19.99 price point for a 16 inch pizza we felt other items on the menu were better values. It should be noted their 7 inch pizzas run $7-10. 

Now how about the service? We have to keep in mind it was opening day so yo can't judge a new restaurant based on the first impression you get on day number one. Our server was on the first day ever working as a server so there were some learning curves for her. She was open to us about it so we took it all in stride. Our drinks came out in a timely manner outside of maybe a couple drinks when Blarney's started to get busy. I mean who doesn't go to a bar doing Happy Hour?

Just observing other tables around it looked as if there were some people still learning and getting accustomed to everything. The true test will be whether their wait staff can get better over time.

The owners came around and spoke to random tables to check on them. They stopped by our table and we had a nice little chat with them. One of them even got us a nice little treat since there was a birthday at our table.

I blame this for any errors in my blog
Overall, it had a chill atmosphere. They had 90's alternative music playing in the background that was at a real nice low volume to where you can hear it but didn't bother you while chatting at your table. One friend compared the atmosphere to Dudley's Bar out on the west side of town.

For those wondering about the poker room, that is closed down for now. The backroom is available for rent for private parties and events in the meantime.

We are all excited to see what the future holds for Blarney Stone and whether they can truly last. I still think that's a great area for a bar and grill and the two things that can help make it last are Service and Food Quality. If they can knock those two things out of the park, Blarney Stone will be around for a long time.

Last note, they redid the bathroom! 

Cheers and Happy Dining!


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Favorite Moments During WSU's 42 Game Home Win Streak

- Friday, January 29, 2016 No Comments
It's been years since the name Dana Altman was brought up in the same sentence pertaining to anything Wichita State. But Thursday night, Dana Altman and the Oregon Ducks defeated the Arizona Wildcats to make Wichita State the new owner of the nation's longest active home court win streak at Charles Koch Arena.

It's 42 straight victories for WSU. Just take a second to let that seep in. In your wildest dreams, would you have ever thought the Shockers would go to a Final Four, earn a #1 seed, have an undefeated season, have the National Coach of the Year and own the Nation's longest home win streak all within a five year span? That's crazy!

For Coach Marshall and the players, it is just business as usual but for the fans it's something even more special. As fans, we may not have the greatest, rowdiest or creative student section; we may not stand for 40 minutes; we may boo occasionally at John Higgins; but we are some of the most passionate and knowledgeable fans in the country. A fan base that travels well and supports their school just as good as any other program.

Through these past 42 games in which the Shocker beat 28 different teams, we've seen a good number of blowouts but mixed in there were some special moments; moments that have stuck out in my mind and will probably remember forever. Certainly not all the biggest names enter the halls of Charles Koch Arena but let's face it. How many big names are willing to come here to play?

Admittedly, I have not been to all 42 games. In that span, I believe I missed one game which coincidentally was an Emporia State game. But five games certainly stick out in my mind and I just happen to still have pictures to most of those games saved in my phone.

Without further ado, my favorite five moments during the Shockers 42 Game Home Win Streak.


Western Kentucky: November 12, 2013

Western Kentucky was coming off of back to back NCAA Tournament appearances. But that's not what made this game special. ESPN was airing this game during their 24 hour tip-off marathon and what time was this game at? Midnight. Yep, the game started at midnight.

I remember chatting back and forth with all sorts of friends trying to figure out our game plan for the night and ended up at a local college favorite, The Field House for pre-game drinks and then making our way over at 11:30 pm. The game didn't even end until 2:09 am.

Energy drinks were handed out before the game to help keep people awake. But it didn't end there; what made the game most memorable for me was it was the first regular season game after our Final Four. Hopes were so high. Questions were being asked whether the Shockers would lose a game that season. And of course, the Final four banner was dropped.


Missouri State: March 1, 2014

That question of whether the Shockers would lose a game that season would be answered on March 1st. The Shockers entered the final game of the regular season with an unblemished 30-0 record.

After defeating opponents all season long by a good margin, fans were still a bit concerned going into the game. This Missouri State team was the same squad that took the Shockers to overtime in Springfield. I remember being in Springfield for the game; I've never been heckled so much as a fan at any other game.

So with that on the Shockers minds as well as being snubbed for a shot at a Gameday appearance, the Shox manhandled the Bears and cruised to a 23 point win.

It was also a sad day as it would be the last time, fans would be able to see Chadrack Lufile, Nick Wiggins, Kadeem Coleby and especially Cleanthony Early don a Shocker uniform at Charles Koch Arena.

Oh yeah, Bobby Knight stopped by for the game........


Alabama: December 16, 2014

Who remembers Dick Vitale calling a Shocker game! IT'S DICK VITALE BABYYYYYYYYYY!!! I heard that Dick Vitale gets to choose which games he calls so for him to choose Wichita State meant something special.

Of the 42 games on the home win streak, there was no game closer than the Alabama game. Spoiler, we won by one point.

What made that game so special was we were down eleven points with 5½ remaining and never game up. The team was so resilient and behind a full court press, couple late buckets by Rashard Kelly and a monster dunk by Darius Carter with twelve second left in the game the Shockers came away with the victory.

Of course fans were worried at the end when the Crimson Tide had the final possession being down one with twelve seconds left. Fans have too many times experienced close losses at the end of games to know the game is never over.


Missouri State: February 7, 2015

At halftime, fans were treated to a 50th anniversary of the 1965 Final Four team. It was great to see some of the old guard back like Dave Stallworth, Mohamed Shariff (Kelly Pete), Bob Powers and others return back to be celebrated. Even though these were guys before my time, sports fans always respect tradition and past success.

But is that all that made this game special? Certainly not. What made me remember this game was 10/10/11. I'm not talking about October 10th, 2011. I'm referring to 10 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists by Fred VanVleet. The first triple double since Terry Benton in 1972.

Fred VanVleet became the fifth Shocker credited with a triple double (Gene Wiley, Dave Stallworth, Warren Armstrong and Benton).

I vividly remember being in my regular seats for the game and looking at our phones paying attention to the box score and seeing his stat line of 5 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists at halftime continue to grow in the second half. He already had a double double with rebounds and assists before our section started yelling "SHOOT!!!!" each time Fred touched the ball. The moment he hit a three pointer to give him the triple double, it was high fives all around in our beloved section of 124.


Northern Iowa: February 28, 2015

College GameDay Bus
After being snubbed for Gameday a year before, ESPN got to their senses and made the trek to a snowy Wichita for a battle of #10 vs. #11.

A month before that game, Northern Iowa throttled Wichita State at Cedar Falls. This was the rematch and for the Regular Season Conference Title......and the eyes of the sports world were watching.

Gameday before the actual game was a truly fun experience. Fans waited in line for a while in the falling snow just to get inside. As fun as all that was, it didn't compare to the actual game. What many fans thought would be a close game turned into a runaway 14 point win for the Shockers.

Gregg Marshall was quote by ESPN as saying: "Combined with 'College GameDay' being here, a top-10 opponent, playing for a championship, I've coached 17 years and this is the biggest regular-season home game I've ever had, Our team responded. And our fans responded. It was electric."

The game was also Senior Day for Darius Carter and Tekele Cotton. One of those players made sure to leave an impression on fans for his final game. Just watch...........


That does it for five of my favorite moments in the Shockers 42 game home win streak. 

I know this streak won't last forever so I'll just cherish it in the meantime and take every 40 minutes game by game. We are all extremely lucky and fortunate as fans to be experiencing this. 

Go Shox!

Pirate Pete's Seafood Review

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Pirate Pete's Seafood
My trip around Wichita looking for new restaurants to try takes me to Harry and Rock Road where Pirate Pete's Seafood has been firmly placed at for the better part of a decade.

Located at 1648 S Rock Road, Pirate Pete's Seafood I was told has been at the location for around ten years with new ownership in recent years. Their hours of operation are Monday - Friday 11 am - 8 pm.

Inside it has the look of your family owned fish shack. It's quite small inside with about six four tops.

On my visit I ordered their advertised Seafood Platter which was $15.50 and included 2 entrees and 3 sides. I went with the catfish, frog legs, coleslaw, jalapeno poppers and grilled veggies. For carryout, an order of Pollock filets was placed for a friend.

Before receiving my order, four different sauces were placed on the table: honey mustard, aioli, creole, and tarter sauce.

And then not too long after, the food arrived and I was excited! It smelled great and I was ready to chow down.

The catfish was nothing short of amazing. It was a good large piece that was thinly breaded and fried to perfection. I'm a huge condiment guy and found myself forgetting to use any of the sauces given to me.

The frog legs were just as good with a nice crispy breading surrounding the meaty legs. Sometimes when you order frog legs there is rarely any meat on the bones; not the case at Pirate Pete's. The jalapeno poppers I ended up saving for my friend. The grilled veggies were some of the best sides I've had in a fish shack. Covered in creole seasoning but not so heavy, I found myself eating the veggies in nearly seconds.

The service was fantastic and I ended up speaking with one of the owners during the course of my meal; true pleasure speaking with her.

When I delivered the Pollock filets, my friend had similar raving comments on her meal. She loved the batter used to make the breading and would sometimes pull off the breading and eat it separately.

Honestly this was some of the best catfish I've had in town. Between Pirate Pete's and Wichita Fish Company (Reviewed previously), these are two top notch spots in town. Pirate Pete's serves as a great option for those trying to avoid the fast food Long John Silvers and the higher priced options of Bonefish Grill and Newport Grill. It'll be a great option for those of you who celebrate Lent which is right around the corner.

You will be pleased if you can make the stop out on south Rock Road. If it weren't for this venture of trying a new restaurant a week for 16 weeks, I probably would not have come across Pirate Pete's Seafood. Glad I did though.

Where to go next? I'm always looking for suggestions. Feel free to drop a note in the comments for future stops.

Happy Dining!


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Asian Bistro Review

- Tuesday, January 26, 2016 No Comments
Asian Bistro
My venture of trying a new restaurant every week for four months continued with Asian Bistro last week.

Asian Bistro is located at 1520 S Webb Road. It's a restaurant I've driven by so many times and never made it out to but put it on my list of 16 new restaurants to try on my personal food tour of Wichita.

Glancing through the menu, it was your very typical Vietnamese menu filled with Pho, spring rolls, Bun, Banh Mi, among other Vietnamese classics all at very affordable prices. For example, the Banh Mi was around $3.75 while the bowls of Pho were $7-8.

For my trip to Asian Bistro, I kept it simple and kept it prototypical of myself. I went with the Pho......I know, no surprise right?

While there, I would say three-quarters of the tables were fill so for my food to arrive so quickly left me impressed. Service was great as well with my drink order consistently being filled.

Now the Pho.......

The broth was fantastic. Before adding in the Hoisin Sauce and Sriracha, I always gulp down a bunch of the broth and was extremely pleased with the offering; it was warm, seasoned well, and flavorful. The amount of meat included in the broth was plentiful as was the amount of noodles included in the Pho.

Overall it was a winner of a meal and one of the best Pho's I've had south of Kellogg. Admittedly the number of restaurants serving I've been to south of Kellogg have been far and few between, this stood out as one of my favorites.

Definitely worthy of a drive to South Webb if you're in the area for some good Pho.

Happy Dining!

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